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Women In Wonderland

It's time to celebrate women, which is why we have chosen the “Women in Wonderland” as our theme. As women, strong and powerful as we are, we spend so much of our time taking care of those around us, and often neglect ourselves. 

This box provides the tools to do this in a fun & delightful way, encouraging self-care, self-exploration, and embracing the adventurous spirit!

Play the game any way you wish, there are no set rules which means you can have your own personalised and enjoyable journey through Wonderland. The journaling aspect can be a wonderful way for you to reflect on your experiences, emotions, and newfound discoveries along the way.

6 Lessons...

we can learn from 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'  which  offer valuable insights that can be applied to our  lives:

 ♥ Curious people have more adventures.

♥ Be open to the impossible.

♥ Embrace the magical.

♥ It's important to know yourself.

♥ And to know where you're going.

♥ Finally, all the best people are bonkers.

With this box we give you the key to do things for YOU!  Ultimately, the goal is to have FUN and create a supportive  environment where us women can celebrate ourselves and each  other. By empowering women to tap into their inner child,  embrace their adventurous spirit, and prioritize self-care, the  "Women in Wonderland" celebration can be a transformative  and memorable experience for all involved.