Applying MASCARA

Mascara -

Applying MASCARA

Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you - show them off to best effect by using mascara in the right way.

Mascara is a beauty must-have for most women. At its most basic, it gives your lashes presence and helps to define the eyes. At a more advance level, it volumises, lengthens, separates, conditions and curls. Why all the fuss? Because your lashes frame the most unique and expressive feature on your face - your eyes. And as the focus of your face, they deserve to be framed beautifully. Follow our expert guidance and find out how to apply mascara like a professional.

57% of women say mascara is the one beauty product they can't live without.


Make your mascara work harder by following the pointers below...

  1. Always begin with clean lashes - coating over yesterday's mascara will only lead to clumps, flakes and brittle lashes.
  2. Invest in a good lash curler and use it every day immediately before applying mascara. Nothing opens up the eyes more effectively.
  3. Buy a lash comb. This often overlooked beauty tool separates out lashes and removes unwanted blobs.

Mascara step-by-step

Once you've found the right mascara, it's all down to technique. Follow the steps to find out how top make-up artists apply mascara and produce perfect lashes every time.

 Apply Mascara Step 1 1.  Starting with the wispy lashes at the outer corner of the eye, use the top end of the mascara wand to coat the tips of your lashes. Tilt your head back as you coat the upper lashes to prevent wand print above the eyelid.
Applying Mascara Step 2 2.  Use a zigzag movement to brush mascara on to the underside of your upper lashes, working from root to tip. Rotate the wand as you zigzag to help separate the lashes and give a thicker, more even coverage.
Applying Mascara Step 3 3.  Now apply a coat of mascara to your lower lashes, brushing the top of the lash, not the underside, from root to tip. Use the tip of the wand to reach the fine lashes near the inner and outer corner of the eye.
Applying Mascara Step 4 4.  Before the first coat of mascara dries, comb through the upper and lower lashes to remove any blobs, clumps and flakes. Allow it to dry, then repeat steps 1 to 4. It's better to have two light coats than one thick one.



DO remove mascara every night to keep lashes healthy

DON"T use oil to condition lashes - it stops mascara staying put

DO comb wet lashes and not dry ones - dry lashes get uprooted

DON"T pump the brush inside the tube - this dries mascara out

DO nudge blobs away with dry cotton buds - wet buds smudge

DON"T apply new mascara over old - it will clog up your lashes